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The posts below tell all about my experiences while studying abroad in Querétaro, Mexico during the summer of 2016! I hope that the posts provide you with an exciting, authentic, and inspiring view of this Mexican city in the mountains as I see it through my eyes. To get emails when I post something new, scroll to the bottom of the page and become a Four Eyed Traveler follower.

P.S. The photo of the city scape above is the view of Querétaro from my university classroom!

~June 16, 2016~

Oh The Places You Will Go0615162131b22.jpg.jpg

~June 16, 2016~     

A Letter To (and from) My Host Familyimg_20160503_203306.jpg



June 18, 2016

Check out my VIDEO of Arriving in Querétaro.

~June 18. 2016~

Meeting My Host Family: Expectations vs Reality 0619161724b2.jpg


~June 20, 2016~

Forget What You Know About American School Buses0620160819_hdr.jpg

~June 21, 2016~

18 is Legal in Mexicophotogrid_146657481732522.jpg.jpg

~June 22, 2016~

Blue Bicycle House Hostel 0619161023c2.jpg.jpg


~June 24, 2016~

Gudbai Zusel!

~June 25, 2016~

Bernal: Pueblo Mágico0625161122.jpg

~June 28, 2016~

Faith is a Universal Language 0619161750b3.jpg

~June 29, 2016~

Tottling Through TulaIMG-20160629-WA0020

~June 30, 2016~

It Started With Mezcal06301621092.jpg

~July 2, 2016~

Mexico City0702161614a_hdr22.jpg

~July 3, 2016~

I Swear, I Didn’t Drink the Water, Or Too Much Tequila!

Warning: This post has been censored for the weak-stomached, however, it does allude to less than desirable events involving a toilet and shots in the butt.

~July 7, 2016~

Looser Buys Smoothiesreceived_1045963672183661.jpeg

~July 8, 2016~

Flaming Balls of Fire: Querétaro Night Life0709160001~2

~July 10, 2016~

Amigas Always, Despite the DistanceFB_IMG_1468238984170~2



~July 15, 2016~

At Least It Wasn’t A Tattoo0715161858a2.jpg

~July 16, 2016~

Golden Tickets to Guanajuato0716161123a2.jpg

~July 17, 2016~

Momentary Mexico Boyfriend?0717161626~2

~July 20, 2016~

You Say Plaza, I Say Mall07191619322.jpg

~July 21, 2016~

The Beginning of the End07211614452.jpg

~July 23, 2016~   

This is Not Adiós0723161607a~2

Since being back from Mexico, I can truly say that I have been changed. Not a day goes by without day dreaming about the adventures I had with incredible people, and the adventures I plan to have with them in the future.

Muchas gracias, por todos, México.

Te extraño muchísimo.