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Tom’s Thumb

Its been quite a few weeks since I was last at Townsville's little piece of paradise. So today two of my friends and I headed back over to Maggie Island and had a marvelous time. Our itinerary for the day consisted of hiking up to a spot that a local recommended to me, snorkeling, getting dinner, and watching the sunset.

Turtles at Toolakea

Today I had a very lucky experience. I got to meet a wild sea turtle on Toolakea Beach! I consider this to be a truly lucky experience because sea turtle populations world wide are in decline. And one of the reasons is due to plastic waste. It is our fault that a huge number of marine species are starving to death because their stomachs are full of indigestible plastic, leaving now room for healthy food. I implore you to join myself and many others who have chosen to stop using plastic bags. Using them once is not enough. Using them twice is not much better. Using them never is best. Please, stop using plastic bags and start saving the sea turtles today. 

Many Peaks and Shelly Beach

Today I played hooky from my two morning lectures to go check off another adventure that has been on my to-do list since arriving in Townsville: visiting Pallarenda Beach. With only two more weeks of class, and having made it to every one of my lectures up to this point, I figured that I could skip a couple lectures today, especially worth something well worth it.

Twilight Sailing

A twilight sail while sipping champagne was the perfect way to end this Wednesday. I am so incredibly thankful for all of the unique adventures I have been able to experience here in AU; most of which have largely been due to the generosity of locals and their willingness to bring a foreigner along for a sail or bush hike. I am also so blessed by the wonderful friends that have made here in Australia and am able to explore this huge continent with. I hope to sail with you again, Helena May. Thank you for the wonderful sunset and sea breeze.

Triple Falls

Today I hiked over 11 miles with 3,268 feet of elevation change. Along the way, I saw a countless number of waterfalls that looked like Jurassic Park movie scenes. One in particular had a large, gorgeous pool that reflected a fairytale water fall shaped by slabs of large stone. Vines grew down the left side of the cascade, adding that jungle-feel to the whole scene. And this was just one of many of the falls I experienced today.

Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek is a popular place to visit for a day trip. But, without a car, even a simple day trip becomes a challenge to make happen for many international students. My friends and I were so happy when we found out that the Globe Trotters had planned this event. All we had to do was attend and have a blast, and that is exactly what we did.

A Royal Weekend

To celebrate the Queen's birthday, I had the incredible opportunity to live like royalty out on Pelorus Island, a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef. Although we were truly rough camping instead of staying in a luxurious island castle, I still left the island feeling rich in blessings and once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Tully Gorge

I finished off my Aussies Spring Break with another two-day trip, this time with the JCU Zoology Society. Our destination was the town of Tully, the UFO capital of AU. But, we were actually in the pursuit of wildlife around Tully Gorge, not unidentified flying objects.

Orpheus Island

My second mini-adventure during my Aussie Spring Break was a two day field trip to the JCU research station at Orpheus Island where I spent my time conducting coral and fish surveys. This was another incredible once-in-a-lifetime aventure and I must say, it had me in awe nearly the entire time.

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