For my last grand adventure of Summer 2016 before I move back to college, I am spending two weeks in Ketchikan, Alaska. My boyfriend was re-stationed up here in January, nine long months ago. This is our first time seeing each other since then.

Usually we would be off hiking to the tallest peaks and hooking the big ones in all the creeks, but unfortunately, I am still recovering from knee surgery and am a bit limited in my abilities. However, I have a feeling we will be pushing my limits and loving every minute of it. Below are the tales we have to tell through the eyes of a Four Eyed Traveler.

~August 27, 2016~

Nine Months Is Too Long0827161556b2.jpg

~August 28, 2016~

Sunday Adventure: Creek Street0828161426a2.jpg

~August 30, 2016~

House Wife Trial Run0830161750a_HDR~2

~August 31, 2016~

Holy Halibut0831161241_hdr2.jpg

~September 1, 2016~

Sototily Awesome Salmon Snagging0901161958a2.jpg

~September 6, 2016~

Everything is Planned0906161734f2.jpg

~September 10, 2016~

Eskimo Kisses0910161424a_hdr2.jpg