I am me, and you are you, and together we are us.0608161229a2.jpg.jpg

Hi Ya

My name is Rachel and I have been four eyed for most of my life. Contrary to what you may be thinking, I like being four eyed. I find that it helps me see a clearer picture of the world through my own eyes.  Although I am four eyed, it is not really how I would describe myself to someone. Rather, I would say that I am buckle-wearing, boot-stomping outdoor adventuress from Astoria, Oregon in the great Pacific North West, or at least something to that effect.

Currently, I am attending Oregon State University where I am studying Fisheries & Wildlife and Spanish. At school, I am involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and spend most of my time in the library studying and procrastinating, like all good students do.

Weatherford Hall of Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon

When I am not in class or trapped on campus, I love to explore the outdoors. I enjoy hunting and fishing along with mountain climbing and tide-pooling. I love living in the PNW because it is a perfect blend of all of these things- where mountain meets forest and forest meets beach, and sometimes all three at once.

I my passion is horseback riding and 4-H was my sport growing up. My favorite 4-H project was raising Horned Dorset Market Lambs. When my boots are off and feet are up, I enjoy knitting and crocheting while watching NCIS, my favorite TV show of all time.

My favorite food is new food. 

Trying raw herring in Holland. One bite was enough.

I believe in trying everything at least once and that tasting traditional foods is one of the most effective ways to learn about a culture.

I caught the travel bug bad when I was a sophomore in high school. I was very blessed to be able to tag along with my best friend for three weeks while she visited her family in Holland. We also stopped by Germany for a day and Norway for a week.

Following this first trip out of America, I went on two spring break trips to Costa Rica my junior and senior years of high school. This is when I really feel in love with the Spanish language and culture. Currently, I am preparing to study abroad in Querétaro, Mexico for five weeks.

I have decided to begin this blog to log my travels and share with any curious soul these incredible destinations as I see them, always through my four eyes. I also plan to incorporate videos to capture the sounds and motion of what brings these places to life. And, as soon as I can figure out a way to make scratch-and-sniff screens, I will be sharing the smells, too. However, until I (or very well one of you) capitalize on that million dollar idea, I hope you find the other material shared on this blog to be honest, intriguing, eye-opening, and inspiring for you to document your own adventures to share the world as you see it with others.