Hi Ya

Be sure to read all about my first week at Uni and how it left me Feeling like a Freshman, because there are lots of #RachelMoments that I experienced this week that you don’t want to miss.

This post is all about Tuesday night’s Toga Party.

When I arrived at Tes’ room with the soda’s that I had just snagged from a bingo game, coke was mixed with rum and then the drinking had begun. I didn’t pre-drink at all though because, just like most adult beverages that I try, I thought that this one tasted really bad and I feel bad drinking other people’s alcohol if I am not enjoying it as much as they would. 0725172222_HDR~2

Once we were all dressed, it was like herding cats trying to get everyone together to go catch the Mad Cow Express bus from Uni to Mad Cow, where the toga party was officially happening. Finally, after giving up on getting everyone together, Milan and I caught the bus and were headed to town. It was super fun seeing all of the other togas that people had created. Some people used printed sheets or colorful fabric, some people wore a lot of material, some people should have worn more material. There were all kinds of togas to be seen. Milan and I both loved the ways that ours turned out.

We first popped into Mad Cow to check out the scene. Then, we decided to head to HQ, another club just down Flinders Street, to get a quiet drink (the club was still pretty vacant at this time) before everything started getting busy.

It was our first time at HQ and we were very impressed! It has a lot more lights, a big stage, a double sided bar, and fun music. As we approached the bar to order our drinks, I asked the bar tender if they had any ciders, since that is what I discovered that I actually enjoy the taste of during the pub crawl. But, unfortunately, they did not have any ciders. Milan ordered her drink while I contemplated my options. During the pub crawl, I almost tried ordering a Shirley Temple (the child’s drink made from sprite and grenadine) and this time I actually did try ordering it. But, all I did was really confuse the bartender when she asked what kind of alcohol it has and I said none. Milan stepped in to help me out and asked the bartender to make me a drink that was sweet tasting.

The bartender ended up making me a drinking called Passoá. It was fruity and sweet and I really did like it, which was a great relief. Something else to add to my drink list! As Milan and I enjoyed our drinks, we met some other girls from Uni sporting cute togas. After dancing with them for a bit, Milan and I headed back to Mad Cow.

PhotoGrid_1501323558857.jpgThe street was getting busier now. When we arrived at Mad Cow, we were just in time to watch some people play some games up on stage for prizes. Then, they called up any guys wanting to try for Best Dressed Dude’s Toga. The prize was rightfully awarded to a guy wearing a navy blue toga with dinosaurs on it. When it came time for Best Dressed Lady’s Toga, no girls jumped at the multiple calls that the MC gave for volunteers. Milan elbowed me in the side saying I should try. Since we were right next to the front of the stage, it was easy to climb on up. When no one else did, I was awarded the prize of a free Bundaberg’s t-shirt, $25 giftcard to Mad Cow, and a free cocktail at another bar down the street called Wild Goose. It was a super easy way to more than pay for everything I had spent for the evening, including the toga materials! As I high-fived Milan after climbing down, I told her that I would buy her a drink sometime.


Next we found some of our friends and danced with them for a while. Since Mad Cow was getting so busy, they opened up the second level where there is more space to dance, a second bar, and a balcony to get some air on.

Wanting another drink, Milan and I, plus our friend Caroline, decided to head back to HQ. Butttt…… the line had gotten crazy long! So, we ended up at The Wild Goose. Unfortunately, they don’t have Passoá there, so I didn’t get a drink. But we did get neat photos in the back of the bar!


After this, we headed back to Mad Cow and danced with our group of friends for quite a while. Also dancing next to us with one of my friends was a guy who literally defines what it means to be an American college fraternity guy in all of the stereotypical ways. At one point, he tapped on my arm and held out his empty drink glass. Not knowing what he was handing it to me for, I held it for him for a moment only to watch him turn away and keep dancing with my friend. I promptly returned his empty glass to him informing him that I “am not his waitress.” He was obviously surprised, like you would expect the stereotypical frat-guy to be, when I was not willing to wait on his every need. He disgruntledly took his glass back and went to put in on one of the many tables around the club. When he returned, he told me, “That wasn’t so hard now was it?” To which I replied, “Then why didn’t you do it yourself in the first place?” I tell you….some people….

I knew that I was having a good time when I looked at the time I was surprise to see that it was already almost 1 am! I was ready to go home though, knowing that it was a Tuesday night and that I had class the next morning. 0726170059_HDR~2So, I said goodnight to my friends and caught the next Mad Cow Express back to Uni. Once I got back to my room, I gave Simon a call to let him know that I had returned home safe and sound. As we were both falling asleep together, around 2 am I heard the most dreaded late night sound…. There was a fire alarm going off. After contemplating for a few seconds whether or not I really needed to evacuate the building, I shuffled outside to join everyone else. From the snip-bits of conversations that I over heard, it sounds like some drunk dude sprayed a fire extinguisher around (because he was drunk and dumb, not because there was a fire) and it then triggered the alarm and had police and firemen in route immediately. Around 2:30 am we were let back into the building and I was able to get a few hours of sleep before class started later in the morning.

The toga party was more fun than I expected and I am glad that we all had such a great time.  I discovered a new drink that I like, which is a huge win! And I also won enough prize money to pay for the whole night. But, I think it was making and wearing the togas that made it extra fun for me. I loved getting to make something creative and am already thinking about what my Halloween costume is going to be!