Hi Ya


Putting things off does not guarantee that they will indeed happen later.
It often means they are even more likely to never happen.

After graduating high school, my best friend Nhakira and I both said it would be awesome to go on a road trip together. But, before we knew it, we were beginning college the following fall. Then, the following summer came and went without any road trip even attempted. Finally, as soon as I got home from college this summer and was reunited with my BFF, we got to planning immediately; knowing that it was literally “now or never” for the road trip we had wanted to go on for years.

After setting our minds to the fact that YES, this road trip was really going to happen now, we then had to plan what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. Did we want to drive the coast South along Oregon or North along Washington? Did we want to visit Oregon ghost towns or drive across the state to see the famous Painted Hills? With truly more ideas and options than we had time for, we settled on a waterfall/photography themed road trip, because waterfalls can never disappoint and we both love photography. To help us plan our trip, I grabbed a guide book that was gifted to me by my parents a couple Christmases ago. I also had in mind one water fall that I wanted to see in particular: Abiqua Falls. Using this as an anchoring point for the geographic area, the guide book helped us plan out the rest of the falls we wanted to see and the campgrounds we would stay at in no time at all.

Next, we had to pick a date. After assessing both my and Nhakira’s schedules, we realized that there was literally only one three-day period that we both had available for this trip. So, we blocked out our schedules for those three days and picked up our phones, because we had one last person to make plans with.

This is the itinerary that we planned for our trip.

We knew that this trip would not be complete without inviting our other best friend, Kathy. We have all been best friends since the 5th grade and have been very close friends last ten years. Currently, we are all preparing to live abroad in various countries over the coming year. Because of this, this trip turned into an N.K. R. Club (that is what we used to call ourselves) reunion and last hurrah of sorts before we all part ways to live abroad over the coming year. Thankfully, Kathy was available for the same days we had scheduled, as long as we picked her up in Portland on the way.

Tahhdahh! Just like that we had managed to plan our road trip that was truly “now or never.” All we had to do next was enjoy every moment together, hike to gorgeous water falls, take tons of photos, and live in the moment with each other.

But could it really be that simple? Below are the details of each day of our trip and all the fun, unexpected twists that popped up along the way with tons of photos of all the places we visited.

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Day 1: Abiqua Falls & Pup Creek Falls


Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Day 2: Ramona Falls & Mirror Lake


Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Day 3: Tamanawas Falls & Little Zig-Zag Falls