August 30, 2016 (Tuesday)

 Hi Ya

Unfortunately, Simon was not granted leave during my time here, so he is still working is regular schedule. Simon left for work early yesterday morning. His schedule is confusing. He says it’s “on two, off two; with sliding weekends.” But, it really isn’t that simple. All I really know is that for this week, he left for work at 6am yesterday (Monday) and that we will work a full 48 hour shift (the “on two” for Monday and Tuesday) plus until 10 am Wednesday morning. Then, he will be “off two” the rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday. Then he’ll return for the “sliding weekend” early Friday morning and not return until after 10am on Monday morning. But, for the following week it’s different, hence the confusing part if you aren’t already a bit confused.

Anyway, while he is at work I am here hanging out at home trying to keep busy while playing house wife. Simon had the apartment all clean for me once I got here, but there are still some things when it came to organizing that were making my hands itch to rearrange such as the kitchen and his closet. After a quick text to okay that I could make some adjustments, I tackled the kitchen.

There wasn’t a ton to do here aside from organize his food by type- breakfast cereals and coffee/cocoa mixes together and snack items together along with canned goods next to other canned goods. I also made a list of things he needs such as an oven-mit, water pitcher, sponge, a few Tupperware containers for leftovers, chip clips, and so on. After this, I rearranged some things he had on his counters and hung up a new curtain that I made him.

Real quick: here’s the curtain story. A while back, while skyping I noticed that the curtain above his kitchen sink was floral lace- not exactly Simon’s style. So, last week, I asked him if he liked the curtain. He replied, “What curtain?” Of course, I should have known being the dude he is after nine months he had still never noticed he curtain above his kitchen sink. So, I had him go look at it and what do ya know? He didn’t like it at all. He asked why and I told him I would make him a new curtain before coming to Alaska if he would measure the width of the window for me. Well, again not surprisingly, the measuring part slipped his mind but I made him a curtain anyway. When I first got to Ketchikan the other day I gave him some gifts that I have been saving him and brought back from Mexico. But I wanted to test whether he would notice this new curtain or not, and since he totally forgot about me even mentioning making him one, I was curious.


(UPDATE: As soon as Simon walked into the house after work, he noticed his coffee maker was moved to the other side of the stove and he even noticed the candle sitting in a new spot on the window sill (directly below the new and improved curtain.) But he didn’t even notice the curtain until he walked away and I turned him around to go take a second look at things. He loves the way it looks and I agree that it looks so much better than the grandma lace. It has moose and bears and is much more his style.)

After organizing his kitchen, I received a text from Bree who is the wife of one of Simon’s coworkers that I met Sunday. She takes dinner to her husband at the station every day he works and hangs out for a few hours. She volunteered to drive all the way out to pick me up if I wanted to come along with her tonight. She was making spaghetti and even said she would make twice as much for Simon and me. I was so grateful! I said I would back chocolate chip cookies to share since Simon and I had just bought ingredients for them the other day.

While baking, I added a cookie scoop and cooling rack to his shopping list; two things I forgot about while buying the flour, sugar, and vanilla for them. I finished baking about half an hour before Bree showed up. Then, we headed to her house to make spaghetti and garlic bread as I looked at photos of Bree and Noah’s wedding and heard stories of how they got engaged.

The guys were a bit late getting back to the station from the patrol that they were on but as soon as Bree got a text from Noah, we were on our way with spaghetti, bread, and cookies in hand. Bree and Noah live super close to the station so it took no time at all to get there.

After putting the dinner in the galley, Simon walked me around the station a bit and showed me where he works. It was really neat to finally see the station and meet his coworkers. The cookies were a big hit with all the guys and I am so glad I got out of the house for a few hours thanks to Bree’s generosity.



0830161655~2This morning after watching a movie I was itching to organize again. So, I headed to Simon’s closet. There weren’t clothes all over the room. Rather, they were in heaps around and in his closet; a huge heap of uniforms, a heap of jeans, and a heap of everything. I began by pulling everything out of the closet to start from scratch. Everything was clean, just very wrinkly. Uniforms went into the dryer first (after I took out the load of clothes already inside waiting to be folded) and the iron came out to repress the sleeves. I quickly realized that he doesn’t have nearly enough hangers for his clothes which is probably the reason for all the heaps. After the uniforms went the jeans and then t-shirts into the dryer. I hung up some hooks for his hats and that was pretty much the end of that. I really wish that I had a before picture to go with this after picture. I think this change is one that even Simon won’t overlook.

0830161750a_HDR~2Once all the organizing was done that there is to do in this place perfectly sized for two, I cooked myself a pork chop and enjoyed the view off his back pork as I counted the hours until he is to return home. For today and yesterday, being a house wife hasn’t been so bad since I have had organizing to do. I really am not sure though what I am going to do this long “sliding weekend” while he is at work. These two days have also really shown me that being stuck at home as a house wife is not something that I could stand to do, which I believe is a good thing. Sure, with a family to take care of things are busier because there is even more laundry and organizing to do. But now I know for sure that I want to have my own career in addition to being a wife and that is exactly what I intend to do.