Hi Ya

Do you want to travel the world but hear your wallet cry when you think of the price that 80 nights in a hotel would cost? Don’t pin your bucket list on the wall and leave it there forever. Grab that dream list and hop on a plane, because you CAN travel and see the world without spending all of your money on hotel rooms!

Last Saturday, (it feels like it has been way longer than five days ago) I flew into Querétaro with three other girls in my study abroad program the night before we were to meet our host families. We did this to avoid having to take a red eye flight and to avoid meeting our host families on zero hours of sleep after traveling 2,200 miles.

We were recommended to stay in the Blue Bicycle House by our study abroad program coordinator. One girl made reservations for us four the same time we purchased our plane tickets, around the middle of March. When we arrived at the hostel, we were greeted by the hostel owner and a few people hanging out in the common area watching a fútbol game on a TV borrowed from one of the rooms.

The Blue Bicycle House, located just a few blocks from the city center.


As our bags were carried to our rooms for us by the security guard, the owner programmed our finger prints into the lock on the front door so that we could enter the hostel at any time of day or night during our stay without needing a key. We had the two rooms closest to the street. They both had two beds in them to sleep two people comfortably.  There are also rooms at the Blue Bicycle House that have a few bunk beds in them. These rooms cost even less than the private double rooms. When we divided the price of our double room, we each only had to pay $250 pesos, which is less than $14 US for the night. I don’t know of any hotel in the United States (where you would actually consider staying and highly recommend to your friends) that you could spend a night in for $24. But, that’s the difference between staying in hotels verses staying in hostels. It also may very well be the difference between you going on our dream vacation to any part of the world or not be able to afford the trip.

The adorable common space of the hostel.


Now, this hostel is not fancy or flashy. But that is not something that I look for in a place where I am spending the night, especially when traveling abroad. I do not want to pay $100 more just to have a million unnecessary throw pillows hogging my bed and I surely do not care what the wall art looks like so there is no need to pay extra for “modern art” that looks like it took five minutes to paint. I much prefer to stay in a traditional, original, unique, and adorable venue. All of these characteristics describe the Blue Bicycle House to the T.

One of two beds in the Double room.


The Blue Bicycle House is located a few blocks from the center of Querétaro. It is nice that it is not right in the center of the city because the plazas come alive at night and I am sure that after your long flight to Mexico you will want to get some sleep. However, before you do fall asleep, be sure to walk upstairs and check out the view from the back patio. From there you can see Los Arcos, the aqueduct built in the 1700s that brought water into the city.

The night view from the back patio featuring Los Arcos.


When we woke up the Sunday morning, we were offered coffee. Usually I never drink coffee because, like Margaritas, I cannot stand the taste. However, I was hungry and I figured there was a good chance that saying yes to coffee would be the gate-way to food.

Sure enough, it was. We were served a complimentary breakfast of toast, fresh fruit, tasty jellies, and coffee. I actually ended up liking how this coffee tasted and drank half a cup, which is half a cup more than I have ever drank in one sitting prior to this. However, I should break the news that apparently, this coffee was actually extremely weak, which explains why I could handle the taste. But don’t worry, there are plenty of cafes and bakeries around Querétaro where you can satisfy your bean addition.

An adorable setting for coffee & toast with someone you love before hitting the city streets.


Also, before you leave to check out Querétaro at street level, I highly recommend that you return to the upper patio once again to take in the view of Querétaro from above again in the morning light. You will be amazed when you see the edges of Querétaro blend into the horizon. This city is huge.


While we were out exploring Sunday morning, the hostel held our bags for us in a locked room. They allowed us to keep our bags there an hour past check out time since we were not to meet out host families until the early afternoon and had nowhere to take our bags.  

This hostel is the first hostel that I have stayed in and I am sure it will be a while before I stay in one that I find more charming than this one. From the people who own and manage the hostel to the charming tiles and worn stone steps in the floor, the Blue Bicycle House is a hostel that is sure to make you and your wallet smile as you check visiting Querétaro off of your bucket list.